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  • Fast shipping (FSC approved)
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SmartmarineEnergy powered by Electromaax. High-amp alternators with Smart WiFi/NMEA2000 charge controllers and serpentine plug & play pully kit. From now on, your engine is not only the propulsion but also a generator! Incredibly short charging times and suitable for all battery types.

The Cruiser high-amp alternator

  • The best energy enhancing source for your boat
  • Available in 100 AMP, 120 AMP, 140 AMP and 160 AMP
  • For all types of batteries, not just lithium
  • Ensures that there is always more electricity available if you are not near shore power or the efficiency of your solar panels is lagging behind due to bad weather.
  • 99% plug and play in combination with our E-MAAX Pro-X Smart, external controller. This minimizes rewiring and ensures that your batteries charge at the most efficient level

  • The Cruiser-line delivers a high amperage at idle speed and even more at a cross speed.
  • It is both an alternator and a backup generator, ideal on smaller vessels with limited space.
  • Available in Saddle and Foot mount
  • Perfect complement of solar and wind energy on smaller vessels. No more need for backup diesel/petrol generators.

The GenMAAX super high-amp alternator

Is all you need to go off grid. It meets all your energy needs on your boat and turns your alternator into a powerful generator.

The frames are anodized with a special saltwater-resistant coating that radically improves heat dissipation. This is crucial with any alternator of more than 160amps.

The GenMAAX Super-High-Output alternator is available in 215 Amp and 250 Amp 12V or 165 Amp in 24V

  • Significantly reduces weight (in a catamaran this is very crucial)
  • Creates more space
  • More return from your engine(s)
  • No extra exhaust fumes or noise like with a generator
  • Produces continuous output power
  • Simultaneously charges both the batteries and powers on-board equipment
  • Saves tens of thousands of euros in replacement and maintenance costs compared to generator
  • Also turns your engine into a generator

  • At idle speed, the GenMAAX applies the required program to charge your batteries to the maximum
  • Absorbs additional loads if other devices need them
  • Saves more costs compared to other energy sources (solar/wind/portable generators)
  • No additional systems requiring maintenance
  • Dual internal fans for improved cooling
  • External rectifier to further dissipate heat and improve performance

The E-MAAX PRO-X Smart Regulator

For comprehensive control and monitoring of your entire 12V system on board.

The E-MAAX PRO-X is easy to install and gives the ultimate ease of installation and operation. Delivered pre-programmed and therefore adapted to your situation, of course taking into account battery type and total capacity. If you want to replace or upgrade the batteries in the future, the settings of the system are easily updated and there are also many charging profiles to choose from. Changes can be easily made to the USI of the Pro-X (User System Interface).

In addition, you can select a pre-programmed profile via the USI or use the customization tool to create your own profile. The USI is easily accessible via USB or WiFi. If you're not sure how to do this, don't worry, one of our technicians will do it for you remotely. No old-fashioned, manual dip switches are used. The entire E-MAAX line-up is completely software-based.

Serpentine Pulley Kits

Finally, there is a permanent solution for the belt fabric of your motorcycle. And more importantly, you can now significantly increase the power of the alternator, without the fear of damaging your engine or electrical system. On the contrary, you can now load the engine in the best way even while idling.

With our Pulley Upgrade Kits! These are available for almost all models from Yanmar, Volvo Penta, Nanni, Perkins, Vetus, Westerbeke, Universal and more!

The benefits of our Serpentine Pulley Kits

  • No more belt and fine dust
  • Serpentine belts do not slip and therefore do not wear
  • Serpentine belt has a lifespan equal to your engine
  • No maintenance and therefore lower costs
  • Less fuel consumption due to shorter charging times
  • By spreading the load on a larger area of the pulley, you have less load on your bearings.
  • Safety: Serpentine belts do not snap at critical moments such as during rough seas and hot engines.