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Quark-Elec A27-Plus NMEA(2000) AIS-GPS with N2K converter + WiFi + LAN

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The A027+ is a commercial level AIS/GPS receiver with multiple routing functions. Data generated from the built-in AIS and GPS receivers, the NMEA 0183, and Seatalk1 inputs is combined by the multiplexer and can be forwarded to WiFi, Ethernet (RJ45 port), USB, NMEA0183 and N2K outputs.

Whether you are using a tablet, a mobile phone or an onboard computer, you can easily connect the device to your on-board navigation system. The A027+ can also be used as an AIS shore station which can receive and transfer AIS data to a remote server via the internet by government bodies.

  • AIS and GPS receiving capabilities
  • Up to 45 nautical miles receiving range
  • NMEA 2000 connection
  • 1 x 0183 INPUT 1 x 0183 OUTPUT 1 x SeaTalk1 Input
  • Ethernet port
  • WiFi and USB capable

With the introduction of an Ethernet (RJ45) port, the A027+ is capable of connecting directly to your computer or via a router to feed AIS and GPS data. The additional features such as the WiFi, USB and N2K outputs, combined with the NMEA multiplexing facility mean this device provides a seamless stream of output data to your device.

The A027+ can also be used as an AIS shore station to monitor of shipping by government bodies.


  • Onboard AIS/GPS receiver
  • Monitoring of shipping by government bodies as AIS shore station
  • Feeding data to AIS vessel tracking websites
  • Managing traffic at local port approaches
  • Assisting in Search and Rescue operations
  • Analyzing shipping in specific areas
  • Monitoring fishing zones

Technical Specifications & Features

  • Two independent receivers monitoring both AIS channels simultaneously
  • Sensitivity up to -112 dBm@30% PER (compared with the 105dBm of the A027)
  • Up to 45 nautical miles receiving range
  • SeaTalk1 to NMEA 0183 protocol converter
  • NMEA 0183 message output through Ethernet (RJ45), WiFi, USB and NMEA 0183 port
  • Built-in GPS to provide positional data
  • Multiplexing NMEA input with AIS+GPS sentences, and outputs these as a seamless stream of data
  • Converts the combined NMEA 0183 data into NMEA 2000 PGNs
  • Connects up to 4 devices simultaneously using the internal WiFi access point
  • Plug & Play connectivity with chart plotters and PCs
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS (The configuration tool is a Windows application, therefore a Windows computer is required for the initial configuration)

What’s included?

  • 1 x QK-A027+
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x 1m NMEA 2000 drop cable
  • 1 x CD containing manuals, configuration software and drivers
  • 1 x setup guidebook
  • 1 x WiFi antenna