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New: Quark-Elec R041 Wireless 4g LTE router

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The QK-R041 is a marine wireless router designed for permanent installation on boats and yachts. It provides Internet connection for devices connected to it through WiFi and Ethernet cables via 4G/3G network with just a SIM card. It offers the option to surf the Internet at high speed, ensuring stable and fast connection for up to 22 miles away from the coast.

The R041 features two MIMO 4G diversity antennas which ensure excellent mobile network reception and two omni-WiFi antennas which offer great WiFi signal strength onboard. The QK-R041’s WiFi network is secure, and password protected and allows for up to 32 devices to be connected to the router at the same time. On larger yachts, where a single WiFi access point is not enough to cover all areas, a second R041 or an additional WiFi extender can be connected to the router trough the LAN (RJ45) connection.

The R041 is a Plug & play device with its default settings, only requires a 12VDC power supply and a SIM card with an active data package to offer access to the Internet. All this makes the system particularly easy to install.

Stable and Reliable

  • Industrial design, metal enclosure, with waterproof IP30 rating
  • Wide input voltage range: DC 9-36V, with reverse polarity protection
  • ESD, Surge, EFT/Burst protection
  • Multi-types of VPN and firewall against network attacks

Flexible Networking

  • Automatic detection of cellular networks and 4G/3G/2G mode automatic switching
  • Supports most EMEA & APC countries (US and Australia will be supported soon)
  • Failover between 4G and WAN, ensures automatic switching to alternative backup connection, effectively ensuring uninterrupted data transmission
  • Supports both wired (WLAN) and wireless(4G) Internet connection

Powerful Functions

  • Supports Email/SMS/DO alarm, monitoring the devices on the vessel
  • Multi-interfaced, including 4 Ethernet ports, serial port R232/RS485(alternative) , 2*DI , 2*DO, Wi-Fi, and GPS(optional)
  • Serial port supports multiple protocols, including NMEA 0183 and transparent TCP/UDP protocol.


The R041 wireless marine 4G router multiplexer has the following options for inputs, outputs and host devices.

  • Power supply
  • 1x 4G SIM card slot
  • 2x digital inputs and 2x digital outputs
  • 1x RS232 interface, supports NMEA 0183 protocol
  • 4x LAN interfaces
  • 1x WAN interface
  • 2x SMA WiFi antennas
  • 2x SMA 4G/UMTS/GSM antennas
  • 1x USB port(reserved) and 1x SD card slot(reserved)

What’s included?

1 x QK-R041
2 x WiFi antenna
2 x Indoor 4G antenna
1 meter RJ45 Ethernet cable
1 x setup guidebook