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New: Quark-Elec A035 NMEA 0183 4×4 multiplexer with SeaTalk converter + integrated voyage data

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The A035 is reliable, robust commercial level NMEA 0183 multiplexers. It provides isolation on all inputs and outputs as standard. With four NMEA 0183 inputs, One Seatalk¹ input, and four NMEA 0183 outputs, a bi-directional USB port and a WiFi port, the A035 is a perfect solution for fishing, leisure vessels and commercial shipping.

  • Multiplexes up to 4 NMEA 0183 inputs and SeaTalk¹ devices
  • 4 independent NMEA 0183 outputs, each capable of driving the combined data from the inputs
  • Advanced filtering and routing functions for input NMEA sentences
  • Integrated VDR

The A035 is a sophisticated 4×4 NMEA 0183, Seatalk¹, WiFi and USB multiplexer with an integrated voyage data recorder (VDR). This NMEA 0183 multiplexer is capable of recording the messages transmitted from every input device. All messages are stored within an integrated SD card and can be accessed simply by using an SD card reader.

Through advanced filtering and routing, the A035 NMEA enables controlled routing of data to specific outputs, blocking of excess data and overflow reduction. The four NMEA 0183 inputs together with one Seatalk1 inputs can be routed to any of the four NMEA 0183 outputs, providing a highly customisable network.

Technical Specifications & Features

The multiplexer combines up to 4 NMEA 0183 inputs and one Seatalk1 device. All these messages are then sent to 4 NMEA 0183 outputs, USB and WiFi interface.

  • Multiplex up to 4 NMEA 0183 inputs and SeaTalk¹ devices
  • Configurable baud rates (4800, 9600, 38400bps)
  • Simultaneous WiFi, USB and NMEA output
  • Bi-directional USB/WiFi interface enables connection between navigation devices and autopilot
  • WiFi – Ad-hoc mode allows up to 4 devices to connect to the internal WiFi module simultaneously
  • WiFi – Station mode allows for the connection of the A035 to your router/ access point for greater number of wireless users and WiFi range
  • Advanced filtering and routing functions allow for full overflow reduction and additional configuration of the multiplexer
  • Automatic data recording on an SD card that offers tracking, data backup, sharing and export
  • Monitoring of NMEA data passing through the device

What’s included?

  • 1 x QK-A035
  • 1 x USB-B cable (1m)
  • 1 x Upgrading adapter and 1x USB drive(for upgrading the firmware)
  • 1 x CD containing manuals, configuration software and drivers
  • 1 x setup guidebook